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Proper Exposure and F-Stops (For Manuel)

  First thing’s first: What’s an F-Stop?

Feeling a bit better now

I’ve been a tad sick lately, so I’ve been slacking on my posts. Sorry about that. Since I’m feeling a tad better today, there will be a new post soon! (yay!) -LeRoy3rd   If you have any tech questions, drop me a note using the “About/Contact” link and I’ll do my best to get you [...]


Today’s a nice relaxing day, so I decided to fire up Lightwave and rough out the basic geometry of a recognizer from the original Tron. Not a bad start if I do say so myself. Some of the angles and sizes aren’t quite right, I’ll keep plugging along and post updates when I make some [...]

Improving Wednesday

If you look at your calendar you’ll notice that it’s now mid-week. What can you do to keep from drowning in the temporal rip-tide that seems to continually pull you further from the weekend? Take your mind off of it. Relax. Breathe. Also, check out these things:

Tron Day

That’s right, today is the day that “Tron” and “Tron: Legacy” release on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D respectively. So what am I doing to celebrate?