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You may have heard me mention Minecraft before, but what is it? It’s kind of like playing with Legos; There’s no “point” or “goal” except what you set for yourself. Want to build a cool castle with exploding intruder traps? Cool, do it! Would you like an under-water glass-domed secret-lair? BUILD IIIIITTT!!! The compelling difference between this and Legos is you don’t just reach into a bin for another block, instead you must search for and mine the materials you need. Armed with only your trusty pickaxe and imagination, what will you build?

It’s hard to convey just why and how this “game” is so addicting in writing (although I might try if I get enough requests), but previously there wasn’t a good demo. Now that’s changed. While I urge you to buy the game (even though it’s still in it’s “beta” form, aka it’s still being developed), now there’s a great way to test the waters before plunging in.

PCGamer Magazine has somehow convinced developer “Mojang AB” (I imagine they launched huge sacks of cash at them with a catapult) to release a FULL demo which includes everything in the current version of the game, but with a time limit. You can start as many new “worlds” as you’d like, but you’re limited to 90 minutes of play in each before it stops working.

To download this demo and get started, use this link (you may need to right-click and select “Save As…”):

Minecraft Full Demo


For the full story directly from the source (PCGamer Magazine) look no further than the link below:





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