Improving Wednesday

If you look at your calendar you’ll notice that it’s now mid-week. What can you do to keep from drowning in the temporal rip-tide that seems to continually pull you further from the weekend? Take your mind off of it. Relax. Breathe. Also, check out these things:

  • Branch out a bit and listen to some music from a guy who’s been there. On Jonathan Coulton’s music page you can listen to many of his creative songs for FREEEEE by pressing the button under the “hear” column. Some quick recommendations to relieve your half-week anxiety? Try: “Code Monkey”, “Re: Your Brains”, “Tom Cruise Crazy”, and “Skull Crusher Mountain”. If his music helps you make through the day consider making a purchase from his website.
  • Try the free demo to Minecraft right in your browser. It should be noted that the demo is reaaally old, the paid version is actually strangely addicting. In the demo you have unlimited blocks, so you can build things (think legos), but doesn’t have an inventory, day/night cycle, or other advanced features of the full version.
  • Though it hasn’t been updated for months, visiting Homestar Runner and Strongbad will definitely give you a laugh. Non-offensive fun for everyone who isn’t offended by the overuse of the word “crap”.
  • Ponder the future of the Tron franchise.
  • Drool over the newest, geekiest, and most bacon-flavored products available at Think Geek.

That should kill a couple of soul-sucking hours. Until next time,



If you have any tech questions, drop me a note using the “About/Contact” link and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

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