Proper Exposure and F-Stops (For Manuel)


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Photo Rivalry (Poll)

Christina and I went to the San Diego Safari Park with our friends, and she decided to make a little friendly wager that her pictures would be better than mine.

Challenge Accepted

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Gamesville, Cha-Ching!

It’s me! Well, technically it’s my avatar at Gamesville., what is it? It’s a great way to kill some time with the chance to win some cold, hard cash. I started playing in 1998 in college when the site was still “bingozone”, and can indeed claim to have won money. :-D Read the full post »

Rant: Man-up

Just thought I’d pass this along (link to article at the end). The gist of the article is that cities/counties/states are raising fines for tickets. And? This is news-worthy? What the article is implying is that the fines are being raised to ridiculous rates not to deter people from breaking the law, but to help bring in revenue. Again: And?

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Amazon to Lend Kindle Books at Your Local Library?

The title of this post? Yeah, that says it all. After years of shying away from giving users the option of “borrowing” an electronic copy of a book from a library, it seems that Amazon is finally ready to make it happen. You may recall that Barnes and Noble’s Nook has had this option since it first arrived on scene (fist-shake). While there are many reasons I own a Kindle instead of a Nook, this was always the one advantage that made the Kindle seem a bit behind the times.

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FULL Minecraft Demo

You may have heard me mention Minecraft before, but what is it? It’s kind of like playing with Legos; There’s no “point” or “goal” except what you set for yourself. Want to build a cool castle with exploding intruder traps? Cool, do it! Would you like an under-water glass-domed secret-lair? BUILD IIIIITTT!!! The compelling difference between this and Legos is you don’t just reach into a bin for another block, instead you must search for and mine the materials you need. Armed with only your trusty pickaxe and imagination, what will you build?

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GREEN KitKat??

What the heck is that? I wondered the same thing when my friend (for the purpose of “anonymity” and “privacy”, let’s call him, um, “Mike-san”) brought this supposedly delicious confection to my door. The first thing you’ll notice is the large title “KitKat” written on the front, surrounded by some kind of weird symbols. I’m told, by “Mike-san”, that these crazily-intricate brush-stroke-looking shapes are a written form of the Japanese language. Who knew? Anyway, I thought that I’d bring you along on this taste-venture and together we’d find out just what this is all about.

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Feeling a bit better now

I’ve been a tad sick lately, so I’ve been slacking on my posts. Sorry about that. Since I’m feeling a tad better today, there will be a new post soon! (yay!)



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Today’s a nice relaxing day, so I decided to fire up Lightwave and rough out the basic geometry of a recognizer from the original Tron. Not a bad start if I do say so myself. Some of the angles and sizes aren’t quite right, I’ll keep plugging along and post updates when I make some improvements.

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Gamestop Bargain

Today Gamestop was having a sale so we decided to pop in and take a look. When I saw this I knew I should share it. I showed the employee and he said it was mis-marked by mistake. :-D

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